Project Success

“Building the Foundation to Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today”

Dr. Rose & Joseph Mattioli Youth Leadership                  

Project Success will educate our youth (12 – 17 years old) in attaining crucial skills of leadership, career direction, job shadowing, and work experience. Project Success will create a safe environment for our youth to develop meaningful, realistic future careers and become productive citizens. Project Success will build a strong sense of community among our youth through community engagement. The most immediate benefit to the community is that our youth, our future leaders, will take an active role in enriching our region. Currently there are no other programs in Monroe County that specifically have the same goals or provide employment, job training, or employ-ability skill training services for this population (youth ages 12-17).

This year’s project through job shadowing will evolve around career research and Monroe County service organization awareness. Participants will be placed in groups of seven team members. Each team will be responsible to research three careers and two local service organizations (non-profit). In the March Youth Conference, individual teams will present the results of their career and local service organization research. Team material will be published by Youth Employment Services in a book.

It is never too early to start planning for tomorrow, and Project Success is a great way to bridge
that gap between now and the future.


What is it?

Project Success is a program run by Monroe County Youth Employment Service (YES) and the Business Education Partnership of Monroe County (BEPMC). The goal of the program is to provide local area youths career guidance and exploration through the use of bi-weekly seminars, field trips, guest speakers and job shadowing. Project Success runs from September until May, when participants who have successfully met the attendance and participation requirements will receive a certificate of completion. It is our hope to open the door of opportunity and possibility to youth who may not have thought much about their future plans, in order to give them a more concrete understanding of what their dream career really entails.


How does it work?

We work very closely with the PA CareerLink, Northampton Community College, East Stroudsburg University (ESU), Monroe Career & Technical Institute (MCTI),  Pocono Medical Center and other local businesses/institutions. Through our partnership, we are able to use a number of sites for seminars, job shadowing, etc.

Project Success is broken up into three main components:  the bi-weekly sessions, job shadowing/mentorship, and finally, a chance to apply for employment through our “Developing Workforce” collaboration with one of our local partners, such as Camelback Mountain and Skytop Lodge. After completing the first part of the program, participants will be given a chance to select a place of business that reflects their ideal career field. For example, a participant who has expressed interest in nursing would have the opportunity to visit the local hospital with a mentor who had spoken to the group, in order to observe and gain firsthand experience.


Is Project Success truly successful?

The program ran for the very first time in the 2010-2011 school year. It was a learning experience for all who were involved, and a rewarding one at that. Our youth participants, who were from different schools within the county, bonded and formed strong friendships by the end of the program. Our mentors, volunteers and program directors saw a tremendous growth and transformation in maturity as well as ambition among the participants.

It is our belief that by helping the youth in our area focus in on their futures and the path they will need to follow to pursue their dream career, we not only enrich their lives, but the lives of the community as well. By showing them the opportunities available to them right here in Monroe County, we hope to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our local community and business world. It is never too early to start planning for tomorrow, and Project Success is a great way to bridge that gap between now and the future.