Summer Youth Employment Program

Summer Youth Employment Program is a state and federally funded program that, through subsidized contracts with local agencies and businesses, enables at-risk youth ages 14-24 to work for 6-8 weeks. For 35 hours a week, 7 hours per day, youth will earn minimum wage as they gain valuable work experience that they can add to their resumes!

Since this program is funded by outside sources that YES reports to, eligibility is a must for participation in this program. Youth who have an IEP (Individualized Education Program) or whose families are receiving Cash Assistance, Food Stamps or similar are considered eligible.

Applications are available at the PA CareerLink in Tannersville, as well as under the Applications tab on this website. Applicants must also be enrolled in the CareerLink website, located under our Links tab.


How does the Summer Youth Employment Program work?

The Summer Youth Employment Program works in two unique ways: the first deals closely with each school district to enroll 20 participants, each with barriers to employment such as an IEP or economic disadvantage to provide them with classroom lifeskills training and work experience within the school.

The second type of SYEP is solely for work experience. Youth who are in-school, academically or economically disadvantaged and with little to no work history are placed at various non-profit organizations within Monroe County. Participants work ’full-time’ for six weeks while making minimum wage and under careful supervision of worksite employer and YES staff. This program is designed to provide valuable work experience to youth who have not yet developed employability skills. Along with earning some pocket money for summer or back-to-school spending, participants earn a sense of accomplishment and experience that they can add to their resume. Many of our past participants were able to find regular employment after the completion of the program!